Thursday, June 26, 2008

Short film for 4th ESO and Batxillerat: strange cow

Short 2 minute video about a cow that is listening to a radio broadcast about a cow disease:


A)Look at the video without sound a
Elicit vocabulary using the whiteboard:
. One group of students writes verbs (blue pen)
.One group of students writes nouns (red pen)
.One group of students writes
adjectives(black pen)

A2) Tell students the title is AGRICULTURAL REPORT
Each group writes what they think the cow is listening to and why it is acting so weird. They will use vocabulary from A1.

B) Listen to the video with sound
Each group writes down all the words they understand.

Students and teacher go over the words

C) Listen again:

Whose predictions were more similar to the film?

D) In groups, invent the continuation of the story and explain it to the classmates or represent it, if you are courageous enough

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